About me


Claus und seine Harfen

Over twenty years ago I discovered my passion for the harp; the sound of my first Celtic harp opened the door for me to the world of early harps. There were over a thousand years of European harp history to delve into ... and that was how my research began.

At that time there was no detailed information on early harps. There was very little experience in reconstructions of original instruments and some harps had hardly been researched at all. This was what set me off on frequent journeys to museums and collections of musical instruments in Germany and abroad.

Over the years I have measured and documented over 30 original instruments. The resulting technical drawings of these instruments are the basis of my historical harp-making. Every period of harp-making developed its own typical sound. For me the highest priority is to follow the principles of historical harp-craft to achieve as authentic a sound as possible.