Maxine Eilander, Seattle

Baroque harpist
link to Seattle Academy of Baroque OperaMaxine Eilander


“…practising for a concert and it’s going to be great. I’m playing solo pieces on the Spanish harp – it sounds fantastic! It’s unbelievable too as a continuo instrument – everybody’s amazed by it.”
“ …. Just want to thank you for the repair and restoration. It was really worth it. The Welsh harp sounds as good as it did before and you can hardly see any change. You’ve done a brilliant job.”
“ … been rehearsing for ‘Ariadne’ in Boston. Just imagine – with the bray pins you can even hear me against the brass! K. likes the sound of your harp with her arias, and it’s altogether a good continuo instrument.”
“Thank you for lending me this instrument. But when is my triple going to be ready – I can’t play on any other harp any more.”
“Claus, from now on all my recordings will be on your harps.”

Constance Allanic, Utrecht

Baroque harpist

Constance Allanic

“I have had the pleasure to play both Claus' Davidsharfe, and his Italian Triple harps. In the former I love the dark velvety sound, and the beautiful craftmanship of this meticulous copy, in the latter it is the pure authenticity that enthrals me. Like the instrument makers of the 17th century and using historical methods Claus has created his own original harp, which I find historically completely convincing, both in sound and in design. My own triple, which Claus decorated beautifully, and the plainer teaching harp at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam both have an outstanding descant which is crystal-clear, yet warm, and a delightfully gutty, nutty bass, which enables one to bring out all the voices in a polyphonic piece. This is how the 17th C. harps must have sounded! And each day I discover yet more exciting new sound colours in my harp...”

Masako Art / Fujimura, Basel

Harpdiploma for historical harp, Schola Cantorum Basiliensis

Claus und Masako Art

“An ex-schoolmate who has an Italian maker’s harp tried your harp and was totally impressed”
“On Sunday morning M…..came and tried out my harp and was more than very content.”
“I played in the orchestra where I have played before with the other harp…the conductor told me, “your new harp sounds louder”… I think there is something with the sound focus of your harp that goes through the cloud of the sound.”
“I think I should call your harp phenomenal. The thing is that not just harpists but also other instrumentalists seem to be able to tell the difference.”

Johanna Seitz, Wuppertal

"….I have put slightly thinner strings on my Spanish harp. Now it sounds even more radiant in the descant. The musicians in the opera orchestra already thought it brilliant, and now even more so …”
“Today I saw your hook harp with the braying rod – it’s a dream!!! Optically and acoustically! I just had to tell you.“

Agnieska Budzinska, Basel

Early music singer and harpist
link to website of Ensemble Peregrina
“…finding time to talk to you and show you how your romanesque harp behaves. I’m sending you a demo – you’ll hear a bit of how we sing and how the harp sounds and marvellously integrates …”

Monika Mandelartz, Hamburg

Harpist and harpsichord playerMonika Mandelartz


"Most of all I love the clear sound of my triple harp and I’m still discovering new sounds all the time … even when I’m tuning I notice that I just have to listen for the overtones like with the harpsichord.
When I’m playing it’s such an overwhelming sea of sound that I even overhear the telephone – fantastic.“

Loredana Gintoli, Milano

Diploma with Mara Galassi

My Nuovolone triple harp
“This is the sound I have been searching for for ten years!”




Julia Seager Scott, Toronto

“I write you to tell you how happy I am with my new beautiful harp you made for me. I am so impressed by the tone and response I get from the strings….…want you to know how my harp inspires me and makes me continue.”

Sara Lackie, Montreal

“Thank you so much for everything .. and for making me a wonderful instrument that I will love and treasure always. I’ll think of you on Saturday when all my friends come to visit us to see the harp for the first time.”

Jutta Haaf

link to Freiburger Spielleyt


“Klavier … Orgel ...mittelalterlich-diatonische Harfe …und nun wieder zurück zur Tonfülle auf deiner für mich maßgeschneiderten Tripelharfe:
ein langer Lern-Weg ! Aber das Üben wird reich belohnt durch den wunderbar-silbrigen Klang im Diskant und die starken Bässe. Und es ist ein Genuß, sie in den Armen zu halten oder nur anzusehen – vielen Dank, Claus!”