Signum classics

ESPERAR SENTIR MORIR, Songs and Dances from the Hispanic Baroque
Directed by: Kah-Ming Ng
Including Constance Allanic on the Italian triple harp
SIGCD069 Signum Records Ltd. England, produced in 2005


Edel Classics

CHIRPING OF THE NIGHTINGALE, Mr Playford's English Dancing Master
Lautten Compagney directed by W. Katschner and H.W. Apel
Including Johanna Seitz on the Spanish harp.
0017842BC Berlin Classics, produced in 2005



ARCADIA, Sonate concertate in stil moderno
Works by Castello, Fontana, Crima, Frescobald, …
Directed by Sven Schwannberg, Flute
With Masako Fujimura, Triple harp
CTH 2508 THOROFON, produced in 2004



SONATE AL PIZZICO, Italian Duets for Plucked Strings
Works by Cavalieri, Trabaci, Kapsberger, Monteverdi …
Stephen Stubbs; Chitarrone and Chitarra spagnola
Maxine Eilander; Spanish harp and arpa doppia
ACD2 2272 ATMA, produced in 2004


La Tarantella, Antidotum Tarantulae
By Anastasius Kircher among others
L’Arpeggiata directed by Christina Pluhar.
With Johanna Seitz, Spanish cross-strung harp
ALPHA 503, produced in 2003



Johann Pachelbel, EASTER CANTATAS
La Capella Ducale and Musica Fiata directed by Roland Wilson
Including Hannelore Devaere, German chromatic harp / Davidsharfe
CPO 999 916-2, produced in 2004



Johann Georg Conradi, ca. 1645-1699

ARIADNE, Die schöne und getreue Ariadne
Oper in drei Akten

Directed by: Stephan Stubbs and Paul O'Dette
The Boston Early Musik Orchestra, with among others Maxine Eilander on the German chromatic harp,
the so called Davidsharfe.
CPO 777 073-2 erschienen 2005


Teatro Lirico
Works from the 17th century by Corelli, Foscarini, Caccini a.o.
Mit Stephen Stubbs – Baroque guitar, Chittarone,
Maxine Eilander – Spanish and italian harp
Erin Headley – Viola da Gamba, Lirone
Milos Valent – Violin, Viola

ECM 1893 4763101 produced in 2006


Johan Schenck, 1660-ca 1712

Bacchus, Ceres en Venus 1686
Camerate Trajectina, Directed by Louis Peter Grijp
Including Constance Allanic on the ‘Davidsharfe’
GLO 6060, produced in 2007


The Wonders of the World, An English Masque
Ensemble Echo du Danube, Christian Zincke
Including Johanna Seitz on the triple harp
ACC 24185, produced in 2007